About Deb Jepsen

About me

I love helping individuals and families overcome challenges and reach their true potential. I’ve been in private practice for over ten years and prior to that I worked in schools as a school counsellor and as a teacher.

I taught maths, science, science extension, support programs and psychology! I know the school system well and can help parents and teachers navigate their way through it! I have a passion about choosing the right school for your child and can help understand all areas of the curriculum.

I am a board approved supervisor and can supervise other psychologist to gain full registration or college endorsement. I also supervise and help teachers.

I’m a proud Mum and see this as my highest priority and greatest achievement in life! Although the journey wasn’t always smooth, this has helped me foster a special interest in parenting and pre and post-natal psychology.

I see life as a journey and we are all doing the best that we can with our level of awareness. Sometimes we get a bit stuck and that’s where a psychologist can help!

I enjoy keeping fit, I regularly attend my local gym and pilates classes. My daily walk with my border collie is a must and I like to meditate on a regular basis. I also love growing roses,  eating chocolate, having a drink with friends and a good coffee at the local café!

I love my job and I am passionate about helping others.

“Do what you love!”

Educational and Developmental Psychology

I have a specialist training in education and developmental psychology and I am a fellow member of the college of education and developmental psychology.

Education and Training

I started my education journey with a Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne. I also studied at The Australian Catholic University where I completed a Bachelor of Social Science in pastoral counselling, theology and psychology. I then ventured to Monash University to further study psychology and education and returned to The University of Melbourne to complete a master’s degree in psychology.

I’m a fully registered psychologist with postgraduate training in psychology and substantial experience helping children, teenagers and parents with learning, emotional and social issues.

Specialist Interests

I have a special interest in the different challenges individuals face across the lifespan.  From parenting support, childhood issues,  issues with teenage children, parenting tips and strategies and I am even help some clients during separation and divorce. I help both the children and parents through a separation to rebuild a new and exciting life. 

If there is change in your family dynamics and you need help, I am the right person for you and your family. 

I am trained and experienced in administering full learning assessments which are required to diagnose dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia (disorders in reading, written expression or maths).

My Master’s thesis was exploring the link between ADHD and Learning Issues, so I have an interest in behavioural issues and how they may impact on a child’s learning.

I am an expert in education and familiar with the school environments found at many different private and government schools around Melbourne.

We can help educate people about anxiety and depression and implement effective strategies to overcome obstacles. We can teach social skills, help with family issues and help understand how people learn and help with study, organisation and career planning.

I also have a special interest with Asperger’s (or high functioning Autism spectrum disorders) and can help both males and females overcome challenges and uncover their strengths.

Recent Professional Development

My recent areas of professional development:

  • Females on the Autism Spectrum
  • Anxiety in Kids and Teenagers
  • Cannabis use and depression
  • Supervisor training
  • Using LEGO in therapy
  • Depression in adolescents
  • Engaging parents in therapy
  • Supporting children with Trauma
  • Networking activities
  • Pre and post-natal support for parents

Specific Program and Worksheets

I have also developed specific programs:

  • Overcoming Anxiety 
  • VCE performance coaching program to help teenagers reach their full potential
  • Academic and Study Skills for University
  • Understanding ADHD for Kids
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Social Skills
  • Positive Psychology
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Complete Wellness for parents and adults
  • Separation and Divorce - dealing with the emotions! 

These programs I currently use within my counselling sessions but will be available online in the future!

I have also developed many information sheets, handouts and worksheets that I use with my clients on a daily basis.  These will soon be available for psychologists, parents and school professionals.