Assessment Services

Educational, Behavioural and Emotional Reports

Do you want a service that helps you navigate your child’s individual learning needs and not just churn out a report for you?

Do you need some help to piece together the puzzle of your child’s learning?

Do you want a service that will explain in detail what everything means for your child’s learning and how to implement specific strategies to assist him or her?

Would you like an assessment service that will follow up with, just to check in to see how things are going?

 If you are going to invest in the process and the outcome, then our assessment service is for you!

See what is involved in our step by step guide to assessment below! 

Indications of Learning Issues 

Some general indications of a learning issue are:

  • Problems with reading, writing or maths 
  • Problems recalling things
  • Problems staying on task
  • Problems focusing in class
  • Problems telling the time
  • Problems staying organised
  • Being impulsive
  • Problems understanding word or concepts
  • Problems dealing with changes of routine 

Learning Assessments help teachers and parents target specific interventions and put the right strategies in place to assist your child in the best way possible.

Step by step guide to Assessment 

I have developed a unique process that offers the best possible service. 

Step 1: Detailed clinical interview and collection of developmental, medical, learning and emotional history. 

Step 2: Cognitive Assessment measures, verbal and visual skills, logic and reasoning, working memory and processing speed.

Step 3: Academic Assessment – assesses age appropriate reading, writing, spelling and mathematical skills.

Step 4: Behavioural and emotional screeners- given to parents, teachers and individuals (if required)

Step 5: Results session – explanation of the results and creating an creating an action plan. Decision about what type of report you require (brief summary report or full report) 

Step 6: Recommendations Session – detailed discussion of recommendations 

Ongoing follow up sessions and Individual Learning Plan (ILP) review – at least once per year. 

Our Assessment services include: 
  • Educational and Developmental Psychology Assessment – assesses your child’s strengths and weaknesses in all areas: educational, behavioural and emotional
  •  Specific Learning Disorder Diagnosis (E.g., in reading, writing and maths) 
  • Assessment for Special Provisions for VCE and IB (e.g., extra reading and writing time, separate rooms, rest breaks, computer, scribe etc) 
  • Gifted Assessment (high functioning and high IQ)  
  • School Readiness – assesses your child’s suitable to begin school. 
  • Emotional and Behavioural Assessments – Anxiety, Depression, Executive Function (planning, organisation, time management), Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening (ASD) or other specific emotional or behavioural issues that meet DSM-V criteria.

As many of these issues coexist, we recommend full Educational and Developmental Psychology Assessment, depending on your child’s individual needs. 

If your child is struggling at school, your first step is to talk with your child’s teacher. From there you can get an indication of how your son or daughter is progressing in the classroom.