Counselling Services

Counselling for children and teenagers



Does your child need help with any social, emotional or behavioural issues?

Are these issues getting in the way of everyday life and their ability to live a happy life, cope and bounce back from challenges?

Counseling for kids involves understanding emotions and having a tool box to draw upon to cope in any situation.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Counselling empowers children and teenagers to understand and talk about issues and develop effective coping skills. When things are tough, the tough get counselling!

Our counselling services include:

  • Resilience, wellbeing and happiness coaching
  • Building positive self esteem
  • Solving adjustment issues
  • Social skills training to help with friendship issues and bullying
  • Effective social media and video gaming management
  • Overcoming anxiety or excessive worry
  • Conflict resolution skills within the family system
  • Emotional regulation - anger, depression, grief and loss
  • Transition issues – into school, high school or moving schools
  • Resolving sleep Issues
  • Mindfulness and meditation

Counselling will empower your child to work towards achieving valuable personal and educational goals.

Counselling is a safe space for your child to express difficult emotions and talk freely without the fear of judgement or expectations.

However, as a parent, it is important that you are also involved in the counselling proess. We invite parents into the beginning and/or end of each session to focus on the goal and process discussed.

For teenagers, we encourage a separate meeting with parents every 3-4 sessions to discuss progress. This is not to say that the safe space of confidentiality is crossed, it is just to keep everyone on the same page. We have clear boundries with our clients and only discuss what they are comfortable with. That being said, if there is a teenage issue such as abuse, self-harm or harm to others, it is our ethical duty to report and support everyone through the process. We work in a collaborative way with families for the best outcomes for everyone.


Counselling for young adults

The transition from high school into university or work can we stressful and is a huge leap and transition phase. It’s easy to see why people get stick, feel overwhelmed or drop out of tertiary studies.

Are you in the right course for your intertests?

Do you need help navigating the University system?

Are your study skills effective for Uni?

Need help balancing study, work, social situations and family issues?

Are you wondering what the future might hold for you?

We can help!

Pre or post-natal Counselling

Having a baby?

Need more help than the “What to Expect when you are Expecting?” apps or books?

Or have you had a baby and feeling completely overwhelmed?

Confused by the maternal health nurses and doctors or other parents?

I know when I had my son, I was prepared intellectually, but had no idea about the emotions and feelings of anxiety I would experience.

Is breast feeding right for you? It sounds good in theory, but not when your baby wants to feed 24/7 or cries when he or she wants more!

Do you think co- sleeping is ok or not ok?

Do you think sleep school might be helpful or an inhouse baby whisper?

We can help you on your journey and give you practical and useful strategies that you can implement immediately. We can help you discover what works best for you and your family.

We can also talk about simply sign language you can use with you child, to communicate!

You can even bring your baby to sessions and we will all work together!